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black and white car after machine polish

Machine Polishing Services in Stockton-on-Tees 

Mythic Detailing offers a wide range of machine polishing and ceramic coating services. Our meticulous approach and premium products ensure first-class results. Call us to elevate your car's appearance and protection.

Competitive Prices

Quality Workmanship

High Quality Equipment

Why Choose Mythic Detailing?

Revitalise your vehicle's exterior with Mythic Detailing's machine polishing and ceramic coating services. Achieve a flawless finish and durable protection against scratches and environmental damage. With our expertise and premium products, we will enhance the shine and longevity of your vehicle and increase its resale value.

Discover Our Detailed Process

At Mythic Detailing, our machine polishing and ceramic coating services offer a meticulous process customised to your vehicle's requirements. Our skilled technicians employ cutting-edge machine polishing techniques, including one-step and two-step paint correction, to meticulously restore your car's paintwork. With options for ceramic and glass coatings, we guarantee enduring protection and a showroom-quality finish.

ceramic coating in car
grey car after machine polishing

Enhanced Protection and Longevity

Machine polishing offers more than just aesthetic enhancements; it provides a protective layer for your vehicle's paint, shielding it from environmental elements and potential damage. This added protection not only enhances the appearance but also helps maintain the vehicle's pristine condition over time, ultimately increasing its resale value.

One Step Paint Correction

Revive paint with a single polishing treatment.
5hr - £180

Two Step Paint Correction

Intensive process for restoring paint finish.
6hr - £290


Providing protection and a glossy finish.
8hr - £220


Long-lasting protection for glass surfaces.
5hr - £150

Machine Polishing & Ceramic Coating Prices

Enhance Your Vehicle

Schedule your appointment now to experience the exceptional results of our machine polishing and ceramic coating services.

black audi machine polishing service
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